Solapur chaddar available to buy online

Solapur textile industry is flourishing with every passing day by new ideas, creativity in new products. The varieties of products manufactured with Solapur brand are Solapur chaddar, Towel, Bedsheet, Wall Hanging, Mat, Asan, Satrangji, Carpet, Pillow Covers, Handloom Bedsheets and the list goes on.

The major change seen in Solapur textile industry is implementing new rapier and air jet looms and adopting new concepts of marketing which includes selling products online.


The first website started to sell Solapur chaddar online is  This website is very unique in itself which is selling all varieties online with discounts and offers. The Solapur chaddar online website is powered by the Founder of Solapur chaddars Gangji Textiles, Solapur 

All paymet mode has been implemented within this website with option of purchase as a end user or re-sellers.

This website is selling many Solapur popular brands like Pulgam textiles, Mayuri textiles, Gangji Mills, Chatla textiles.  

Textilekart has a base in Solapur city and planning to open his first store in Pune. 

  • Solapur chaddar available to buy online