Type of towels buy online

Type of towels you can buy online

Solapur textile industry starts growing and flourishing in Seventies by starting double pick chaddars also known as Mayurpankh chaddar. After a decade it reckoned the famous Solapur jacquard towels. These towels are only manufactured in Solapur throughout India and exported from last twenty years from Solapur. 







Manufacturing types of towels  :- 

Generally towels are weaved on looms but the type of weaving makes the difference and varieties in towels as listed :- 

  • Terry Towels
  • Cotton Towels 
  • Jacquard Towels
  • Dobby Towels
  • Velour Towel
  • Canaba Towel
  • Plain Towel
  • Printed Towel
  • Velvet Towel 
  • Stripe Towel ( Lining Towel) 
  • waffle towel
  • two X two towel ( double ply towel)


Towel sizes:-  


Many sizes of towels are produced according to the requirement and their uses. Mainly available sizes are 24X48 inch, 27X54 inch, 30X60 inch . Hand towels sizes varies from 10X10 inch, 12X12 inch, 14X21 inch, 16X24 inch and 18X27 inch.

  • Large Towels ( Ladies Towels ) 
  • Regular Towels
  • Small Towels
  • Hand Towels
  • Hair Towels ( Towel to wipe ladies long hairs ) 
  • Basin Towel ( Hanging Napkins )
  • Small Kerchief size napkins
  • Kids Towels and Napkins
  • Ladies Napkins
  • Sunday Monday Napkins
  • Small Medium and Large Napkins


Towels uses :-




Towel are used in many occasions and places. These can be used on Beach for laying down, thick rug towel used near bathroom, ladies hair towels to wipe long hairs after shower. So depending on the use they can be categorised as :- 

  • Beach towel
  • hand towel
  • foot towel ( bathroom mat)
  • kitchen towel
  • sports towel
  • wash cloth
  • show towel
  • baby hooded towel


According to Material of Towels:- 

Now a days many type of materials used in towel weaving like cotton, bamboo cotton yarn which can be listed as below :- 

  • Pure Cotton Towels
  • Acrylic Towels
  • Filament Towels
  • 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s and 80s yarn
  • Single yarn, Twisted yarn, Zero Twist yarn


Towels categorized by design and colors :- 


Designs like lining towels, checks towel and color specific towels like white towel, pink towel are manufactured as per the orders from consumers. This list can be very vast but shortened as below :-  

  • Pattern design towels
  • color to color towels
  • Plain color towels ( red, green, pink, white, yellow, brown, cream, brown ) 
  • Dark color towels
  • Lining design towels
  • Figure design towels
  • Cartoon towels for kids ( Spiderman towel, Ben10 towel, chota bheem towel, doremon towel ) 
  • Matty print flower design towel
  • White base printed towel and Color base printed towel



Quality of Towels :- 

Towel GSM the number indicates the weight and thickness of towel. GSM gives the towel’s weight in grams per square meter. When the GSM of towel is more the cloth will be thicker . 

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