Type and variety of Solapur chaddars


World famous Solapur chaddars are manufactured since 1949 in Solapur city. Later many types of Solapur chaddar ( Solapur Bedsheet )  produced as per market trend. 

Varieties of Solapur Chaddars :-

There are many varieties of Solapur chaddars but mainly categories by its weaving method as -

  1. Jacquard chaddars
  2. Pick by pick chaddars also known as Mayurpankh chaddars
  3. Dobby chaddars or Solapur bed sheets.

    As per the demand from new market treads new chaddars are being manufactured with variety of yarns and materials. This can also be categories as -

  • cotton chaddar
  • filament chaddars
  • reyon chaddars
  • velvet chaddar
  • cashmilon chaddars etc.

Again there are different sizes of chaddars known as regular , large and king size chaddars.  Previously they were manufactured in small size which is not in demand now a days.

Solapur city is developing day by day with new technologies in textile industry. All traditional power loom are replaced with rapier loom and air jet looms. With this up gradation there is more flexibility in product range with increased productivity at reduced cost giving solapur chaddar a new  height.  

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