Solapur Chaddars customised as per order

Customised Solapur Chaddars as per your requirements

Customized Solapur Chaddars :-





Solapur chaddars manufactured as per the customer needs.  Many new designs created every day by creative designers. Customized Solapur chaddars give flexibility to the buyer to get the specific design , color, size with name or logo weaved on the chaddar. Solapur chaddars are also known as chorsa, Solapur  bedsheet  and many different names in different parts of India. Productions of Solapur chaddars may vary as per the quality and machine. On rapier they can be produced more than 50 chaddars per shift whereas on traditional power loom 15 to 20 chaddars can be manufactured. All varieties of Solapur chaddars are available online to purchase from

  • Solapur Chaddars customised as per order