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covid-19 corona virus pandemic symptoms and care

covid-19 corona virus pandemic symptoms and care

Coronavirus was emerged in China. There is no vaccine to this disease. Doctors all over the world are trying hard to make a vaccine for this pandemic disease. Lot of people are affected and find positive in test and about 10 to 20 % of these are dying who are having less immunity. 

Points to consider while purchasing Solapur chaddar and bed sheets online

Points to consider while purchasing Solapur chaddar and bed sheets online

How to choose Solapur chaddar, Bed sheets while purchasing online

Solapur chaddars are manufactured with different materials, yarn counts, colors , designs and patterns. One can judge the quality of Solapur bed sheets according to their cloth texture, design and raw material used.

Solapur chadder also known as Solapur cotton blankets, Solapur bed sheets, Solapur charsa, Solapur sujani  are very durable, attractive and famous for its quality with long life.

According to the Colors, designs and patterns:-  Solapur bed sheets are available in basic five to six colors but due to customer demands many fancy and pestle colors are available now a days. Designs are also changes in every six months.

Material :-  Solapur chaddars are made of pure 100 % cotton but due to the customer demand and new fashion trends , these cotton blankets are being manufactured with variety of materials like filament, rayon, cashmilon, polyester. Even though these wide range of bed sheets customers still prefers pure cotton chaddars which is the specialty of Solapur compared the the other compiters in the market. One should buy genuine Solapur chaddars which are made of pure cotton and comes with full color fastness.

Many other factors also plays important role while you purchase Solapur textile products like its weight , yarn count, size, weaving pattern like jacquard or mayurpankh.

We are always available to clarify your quarries while choosing Solapur chaddars. You can reach us here.     

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